Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Communication in Gitune style

Six senses we are provided with are beautiful, wonderful, amazing.  Inspiration feeling  allows person to say daily that he’s alive, see sunsets, touch of wind and falling snowflakes, to experience fantastic delight from meeting with his beloved ones, as well as thrill with horror of  great shock, with the help of which life catharsis  is revealed.
Nevertheless, sincere self-expression and interaction with the world are more precious to people than diamonds. After all it is these qualities that give meaning to life, open up a paradise on earth right here and right now. And now, in our time, the real world and communication found their second home on the worldwide web. It is the Internet that has become the main illusion of communication. Human being plus Internet plus mobile Internet. All services, all life categories strive to adapt to the network. And the most important, essential category – human communication –  partially  locates in the Internet and it moves to complete relocation.
Subjecting these meditations to analysis – Internet communication is video chat and text messaging, plus sharing music, pictures, movies and anything that can be converted into a binary code. Smell, taste and touch are not reproduced here yet. Sexual contact is also impossible. However, sharing information in a chat, especially video chat, it is possible to understand, by voice and video, if people are spiritually close to each other.
If you switch the webcam on  the smile will do to follow the decency. Or just hint to a smile. In any case, it’s better not to go to the links with a negative attitude because possibility of pleasant meeting decreases drastically.
Possibility of video chatting worldwide is really a great gift from some of the resources. Video chat service is usually provided by sites of such categories as dating, some social networks and video.
Presence of colours and original elements in the design of communication platforms is surely better for the contact. In fact, the site also has interior and exterior - furniture, walls, paintings, framings. It is the place where, looking at the screen, it should feel comfortably. And interlocutors can relax and even experience “rose-coloured-glasses” effect. Why not? Or site can become as a live mascot for somebody.
But how to avoid intrusiveness in the “interior”? There’re two possible variants.  The first one - to give the user opportunity to fill in the "room" himself, and the second – to leave only walls. But there is a third option that is used in the social network Gitune. It’s a world with bright animated design, built on associations with the sun and, if I can put it like this, a piece of Paradise, painted in Primitivism style.
It’s just as simple as ABC, from the comfort of your apartment you can meet an interesting interlocutor and open the Leroy Rouge together with him, no matter that the bottles are from different cellars. Then give a toast to life. And this is also mystery of one side of modern civilization. And this is important.
Internet resources become more pleasant and functional. They take into account user’s requests, offer options, translation and interpretation. What is crucial, the program can grow smarter than its creators! And if so, we teach Internet like a student so that he is good. The happy platform is the first step! It is motivation, complex sense, dream. According to the principle of sharing the bright ripe orange. Instead of sadness and aggression! Here the Internet learns from us. Scripts are written to user’s request. The world wisdom says "I am the unity with the world." In other words, the user is the unity with the network.
In the worldwide web YOU – the user – is the main spider. And it seems that you don’t owe anyone anything when you join the network. But according to resource rules you should do without offensive language, be polite and tactful. I would add - sincere and friendly. And one more thing, you should love new virtual life in order to make it better. In other words, live in paradise! Gitune paradise.
Visit new promised land, online Gitworld. Be with Gitune, be like Gitune. And if you don’t want, you can choose anything that you like because it’s your right forever.
Yours sincerely, Gitwriter.

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