Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny, yellow…from the happy world.

Among hundreds of Internet resources breaking out and fading away in the worldwide web one more interesting resource has recently appeared – social network Gitune.  The title hides or, on the contrary, reveals personality of a pretty mischievous fellow, sunny little “git”, which natural birth is connected to positive, partially unconscious, expectations of the users. Gitune presents itself as a new virtual promised land, Gitworld, where everyone looking for and sharing happiness will find comfort.
As for the main services, there’re different types of video chat and worldwide broadcast. Skeptics may say that there’re the same functions in other chat sites. That’s wrong. Like everything in this world Gitune has its own unique functions. First and foremost it has its own “elixir of happiness”.
Gitune – is a whole social network of live video chatting, which grew out of various scattered services like Chatroulette, Tinychat and Airtime.
The local interface is not complicated, as that of its competitors, and it doesn’t seem incomplete. Menu is quite obvious.  They follow the principle “Everything is at hand”. It enables you to use all the services together with other users. Only one click is necessary to invite other users to have pleasant pastime. There’s a function of instant message translation in Gitune, that is especially important for people from different countries. If you see an interesting interlocutor, no matter where he’s from, feel free to write to him. The only remark – you should get rid of the local slang and abbreviations, otherwise your words won’t be translated. Animated menu, funny sounds are only the part of the live interface.
9 windows with user’s video is also Gitune’s know-how…and this is exact target hit. After all, it’s common knowledge that 9 people is ideal maximum for comfortable communication. Staying on the site you remain free from excessive attention as opposed to other sites with video chat where you have tete a tete chat. There’s a sparkling fresh of unexpected meetings and close circles of your friends. User just selects his interlocutor, radio or TV channel, and then he adds new services in private chat or with a company.
As for design, Gitune combines the colours of summer, sea, sky - green, yellow, blue, white, turquoise with streamline forms and cheering up characters. So a guest, a sort of, gets a new, bright animated wrapper, that creates the atmosphere of the virtual world Gitune…based on imagination world keeper, live yellow mascot, which takes the place of the sun at the main page of the site.
Gitune prospects are also very sunny. It is this sense of playfulness, laughter and even flirting that makes user dive into the wonderful magic world with cartoon console and funny sounds.
Very important constituent element, the musical service will soon be added to the site in MP3 format, with the track quality – 320 kb/s.
At present stage Gitworld is in the open testing mode. Gitune audience is defined, like all the optimistic people can define it – everyone is welcome. It’s the network for everyone who enters it.
20-year studies of Professor Nicholas Chistakis, University of California, USA, found…communicating in a happy virtual community, people are gradually getting everything that they dream of. Positive world gives them these opportunities. And the most incredible is that they get happiness itself, in its pure form, free from impurities and dependencies. So don’t miss a chance to share your happiness! Together with Gitune!
Everything will be clear and easy for all the beginners in the Internet.

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