Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Journey to Gitland

If you are going to a journey in the Internet then bring your yellow funny little Git from happy Gitland. After that use your imagination and then put on disguise of a mascot. You’ll have new opportunities - you want to jump, fly, because you have a fantastic power.
But first of all, you should click on the animated buttons.
So start! It’s rainy and gloomy outside, while in Gitune it’s always sunny like in California. And laughing, showing his yellow belly Git-mascot is always with you.
And  there’re virtual green grass and warm sea under yellow friend floating above like a dirigible.
Git mascot can’t say anything but once I’ve come to Gitune, he’s said to me the following:
“I’m a Git-mascot”, he said, “I’d like to invite you to a pleasant journey. Together we will fly over the mountains, can visit India, or Mexico, learn what monkeys want, have a chat with cactus, dance to the banjo, have some fun and gaze at the stars. Although our journey is painted, we really can see and hear each other, if you want to join. "
I agreed! If you agree, then we will follow the funny, yellow Git with a backpack of happiness that will lead us down the path. And he himself is about to burst out with happiness!
Our mission is to examine what we see and give sunny smiles along the way. We do not have to hide! It would be even better if we show ourselves to the world. So agree to switch your webcam on when you see special window.
Have you switched it on? Oh! Look at the video of real people-mascots! And you’ll find yourself in a separate green window on the left.
Now, in order to have fun with your friends and just random people we’ll put on a disguise. Are you here? Then click on the balloon that says Register . Enter the date the best holiday in the world - your birthday and your city. After that enter your email. And…Gitworld accepts you! Now select animated profile pic. It will be seen by other visitors of Gitland.
Who are you now - badger, who has super power, or hungry hamburger or maybe hare- mutant. I’ll take the badger with super power.
The next step. Look at the small pictures – globe, headphones, TV screen and so on. These are to prevent you from getting bored. Let's start with the music! Click on the headphones. Here’s the rock radio. Music with adrenaline! We click on the globe to return to the inhabitants of Gitland. You can scroll them with the arrows.
I can see rabbit-man on the screen. This is Tony. I think I invite him to the company. Yes, he's from Australia! Rabbits, kangaroos and crocodiles live there!
-          Hey Tony! What do your crocodiles have for breakfast?
-          Hi Vegas! I know, our crocodiles eat fish, frogs, Guinea pigs, Badgers
-          Then I’d better change my Badger profile pic.
I hope Tony got the right auto translation! Now look – there’s binoculars in the menu. Here are the links to live broadcasts from the cameras worldwide. The most fabulous views.
TV channels – the picture with a TV screen. Click on it!
Here’s the channel that I select and go to Tony, to invite him to watch this channel together, but gitHare of Australian man is watching Sport channel. It is written in our window.
Then I’ll invite Gilyarush from Israel, her mascot is blue and her boyfriend Stefan, gitMagician, to movie channel. Well, the fourth will be Tony.
What a strange feeling! When you just watch TV together with somebody from Australia, or video chat with somebody. Feeling is that it’s very easy when you re badger, he is hare and she is not a cactus. When Gitland with funny yellow mascot, the see, the sky and the grass say welcome to you!
Yours sincerely, gitReporter.

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